Tuesday, June 6, 2017

“Does My Class Transfer to the U?”

Isn’t that what every transfer student wants to know? Will the classes that you took at your previous school (or schools) transfer to the U and clear graduation requirements?

Well, if you have attended a Utah State System of Higher Education (USHE) institution, then the answers to this question are easy to find out.

First, all classes from USHE schools that are 1000-level or higher will transfer to the U.

Second, you can also find out which classes you’ve completed will fill specific requirements for General Education and your major at the U by going to the U of U Admission Office’s online Getting Ready Guides:

Use the drop down menus to select your school and major.  The charts you will find show a class by class match of major requirements at the U (the right side of the chart) and equivalent courses from your USHE school (left side). 

The Guides also provide information about which of your USHE transfer courses will fill specific U of U General Education requirements.

By pulling up these charts along with the academic plans for your major in the U of U General Catalog: http://catalog.utah.edu/, you can have a very clear picture of your progress toward graduation once you transfer to the U.

Savvy students at Utah schools access the Guides long before they are actually ready to transfer. They use the Guides to plan the courses they are taking at their transfer school, so they never have to say that other common refrain of transfer students everywhere, “Wait….I didn’t need to take that class?”.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Admitted to the U? Confirm Your Intent to Enroll and Pay Your Enrollment Deposit

Congratulations on your acceptance to the U of U! 

What are your next steps?

  1. Confirm your intent to enroll
  2. Pay your enrollment deposit

To reserve your spot at the U. you must fill out a confirmation form and pay a $300.00 enrollment deposit. The deposit goes toward your first semester’s tuition and allows the Admissions Office to complete your matriculation.

You can fill out your confirmation form and pay your deposit online by going to: http://admissions.utah.edu/confirm/.

If paying the deposit is a financial burden, you can request an exemption (called getting an “extension”).  Read more about getting an extension on the website listed above.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Transfer Student Spotlight

Sambat Jerry Kim

My name is Sambat Jerry Kim. I am from West Valley City, Utah. I am a transfer student from Salt Lake Community College. 

While I was a student at SLCC, I got involved with  the SLCC Student Association as graphic designer and social media specialist. I also volunteered with The Thayne Center through their Alternative Spring Break programs to Seattle and San Francisco to serve others in those communities. 

Since I was young, I told myself that if I go out of state to college, then I will choose the University of California, Los Angeles; if I stay in Utah, I will choose the University of Utah. I love the University of Utah because of the diverse community, great undergraduate programs, and wonderful faculty and staff that are here to help you succeed.

My major is International Studies with an emphasis Trade & Commerce and a minor in Communication. I choose these two programs, because growing up I spoke four languages. I want to use my knowledge and languages to help others who share the same culture and, in the future, to work in international business. I also plan to study abroad at National Taiwan University this summer 2017 to expand my education and to have an international experience. After I graduate from the University of Utah in spring 2018, I aspire to pursue my first career as a College Access Advisor to help other students who might be first generation or from low income communities to access higher education.

One of my favorite classes during first semester at the U was English 3780 Transnational Literature. This course has helped me learn about myself as Asian American and how Asian Americans contribute to American Society in the 21st Century. I am very thankful for Paul Fisk my transfer advisor who helped me feel confident and supported me when I transferred to the U.

 I recommend that all students should check out Career Services, and The Writing Center and get involved with other campus activities. My advice to other transfer students is to plan ahead for your transfer admission; take a campus tour; and be familiar with your undergraduate program before you apply to the U.

Swoop Into the U!

Been accepted to the U of U as a transfer student for Fall '17? Congratulations! 
To celebrate, consider attending a special event for accepted transfer students, Swoop Into the U on April 5th from 8 to 2 in the Olpin Union Building on the U of U campus.

This event will provide admitted transfer students with the opportunity to find out about many of the outstanding programs, services and resources you will find as a student at the U!  You can learn about majors, minors, and resume-building opportunities.   You will have a chance to talk to academic advisors, career and financial aid counselors, residential living representatives and Student Success Advocates.  You will also be able to take a campus tour, sign up for mandatory New Student Orientation and lots more.

An invitation to attend and instructions for reserving a spot at Swoop Into the U, should have been part of your acceptance packet. RSVP today!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Transfer Student Spotlight

Mandy Mabe

My name is Mandy, I am a Utah native and transfer student from Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). I graduated from SLCC with my Associate of Science degree in General Studies and then applied to the University of Utah. I applied to the University of Utah thinking it was just the next step to moving beyond community college. It wasn’t until after my first semester that I realized all the reasons why it’s a good idea that I came to the U. It’s close to home and has a flourishing community with many opportunities. I feel like I belong here.

I am currently majoring in Health, Society, and Policy. I came across this major while I was taking the UC 1050, Major Exploration course taught by advisors in the Academic Advising Center. In the course, I considered finding a major that matched my interests, values, and skill sets. I didn’t choose a major based on what I want to be in the future. I found a major that allows me to fulfill a passion. I try to not stress about what I am going to do after graduation. However, college is a learning experience where students are given time to determine what they want to do. I just started, so I don’t feel the need to think that far ahead. My goal right now is to simply graduate!

During my first semester, I took a world nutrition class that had an inspirational professor, Tahmina Martelly. She shared a beautiful story with us one day and then left us with a quote, “I expect you to change your corner of the world.” I’d like to look at this quote as the foundation of inspiration I had when I founded the Utalks program. My job right now, with Student Success Empowerment Initiative as an Outreach Ambassador, is a good learning experience. In this job, I have the creative freedom to carry out a program that I founded. Utalks is a program for University of Utah students to share their stories of individual success. It allows students to inspire other students and develop community among the campus. I love bringing people together and feel that this is how I can change my corner of the world. It’s a very small corner, but that doesn’t make it any less special.

If you are just starting out at the U, I encourage you to do two things. One, meet with your advisors as often as possible. The advisors are here to cheer you on and be part of your support team! Secondly, meet with a student success advocate. Student Success Advocates (SSA) are like your number one fans. They are dedicated to your individual success, whatever that looks like. I know that I would not be where I am right now if I hadn’t met with my SSA. She connects me to resources and helps me be successful as a student.

If there’s anything that you should get out of reading this I hope that future students coming to the U understand these three things:
1-   You have people on your team, in fact you have a whole community that is willing to help you graduate and be successful.
2-   Your parent’s opinions can be respected, but do what is going to make you happy.
3-   It does not matter what you get your degree in, just major in something that you are passionate about. What matters most is that you are learning important skills that can be applied to your career field.  It’s the skills that you learn that make the degree valuable.

Monday, January 30, 2017

Make Sure the U is Right for You

The University of Utah knows that prospective transfer students have many choices of institutions to attend. We want you to be sure that U is the best choice for you.  Doing some research on the U’s website is a great first step but most students will also benefit from an actual visit to our campus.
The University of Utah’s Welcome Center holds special campus visits just for transfer students twice each month.  Visits include:

  • ·         A Campus tour
  • ·         Application information
  • ·         Scholarship and Financial Aid Information
  • ·         Q and A with a general transfer advisor

Advance registration is required for these U Transfer Visits.  Find out more and sign up for a visit by going to: 


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Major Exploration Open Houses

The Major Exploration Program at the U of U would like to invite all exploring transfer students (both prospective and currently-admitted students) to their Spring 2017 Open Houses on the U of U campus. 

U Explore Open Houses bring together majors, minors, and extra-curricular activities related to particular career paths.  They provide a great way to meet advisors, faculty, students and alumni from a variety of exciting U of U programs, and we’ll feed you lunch!

Data Sciences
Linguistics-Computer Science-Communication-Information Systems-Lassonde Institute-Biology-Psychology-Mining Engineering
Atmospheric Sciences-Economics-Mathematics-Geography-Career Services
Thursday, February 2nd
11:30 to 1:00
Gould Auditorium, Marriot Library

Going Global 
International and Area Studies-Peace and Conflict Studies-Linguistics-Learning Abroad-Political Science-Hinckley Institute-Geography-
Lassonde Institute-World Languages and Culture-Career Services-Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies
Thursday, February 9th
11:30 to 1:00
Gould Auditorium, Marriot Library

Got a Major? Declare a Minor! 
College of Humanities-College of Engineering-College of Health-College of Architecture and Planning-School of Medicine-David Eccles School of Business-Undergraduate Studies-College of Nursing-College of Fine Arts-College of Science-College of Mines and Earth Science-College of Social and Behavioral Science
Thursday, March 2nd
11:30 to 1:00
Gould Auditorium, Marriot Library